Brim O Blackhand

Session 7 (Berrian)

† After our rest we re-entered the crypt and encountered another six Gravehounds and a Spectre. The Spectre was a humanoid undead creature but was made up of some kind of insubstantial mist. As soon as we encountered the creature in summoned four zombies. We also realized that it does not walk like a living creature, but rather just glides along a few inches above the ground. Spectres may also have the ability to remove the susceptibility to radiant damage to nearby allies as we saw one of the Gravehounds near it. With it’s gliding movement we also noticed that Spectre’s aren’t restricted by difficult terrain. We also saw that Spectres can make touch an adjascent enemy and lowers defenses (-2). The Gravehounds this time round were a bit tougher than before as well and we found that they had the ability to make one final interrupt attack before falling dead.

† Further back into the crypt we came across another Wight, two Corruption Corpses and four more Gravehounds. After that encounter we decided to stealthily move through the crypt towards towards the mausoleums to avoid any more pointless battles. At the mausoleums we saw that there has been significant damage done by what looked like an earthquake. One of them had it’s roof completely caved in and walls heavily damaged and another had a big crack in the foundation big enough to walk through. The third and last one was only lightly damaged.

† We entered the first mausoleum and found a statue holding a non-weapons grade ornamental sword with gems in the hilt, which I took. We also searched the three sarcophagi located there and I looted 240gp in gems while Grumel removed two apparent wedding rings (60gp each) from two of the corpses within them. Some of the companions were not happy with our choice of looting the dead, but I was not interested in passing up easy coin. I must admit though that taking the rings was a bit cold, even for Grumel. We then went into the second mausoleum and find a similar statue there but one devoid of any sword. I tried placing the sword from the first mausoleum into it but did not get any reaction. There were many more sarcophagi in the second building but they were all empty of both corpses and valuables.

† We then had to clear a group of monsters away from the last mausoleum before we could enter. There we dispatched another Wight, a Spectre and four more Gravehounds, but we decided to return to the first mausoleum to take an extended rest and many in the group had exhausted they’re powers and stamina. Once rested we explored the last mausoleum and found another statue without a sword and more empty sarcophagi. There was also a large sinkhole that led into a subterranean system of fissures and tunnels.

† We went into the tunnel and the first room we came to had another Spectre and a group of slimy blobs which we had not seen before. Two of them were yellow and four were green. We plinked away a bit at the “Slimes” from a distance but when Grumel engaged them in melee we found them to be particularly nasty. They could attack with hefty slams which could engulf you to not only grant advantages to their allies, but also inflict ongoing acid damage and cause them to share any damage taken with the engulfed. The green Slime’s attacks also restrain you and restrict your movement. We also learned that once bloodied, the yellow Slimes split in half to become two cratures with all the same abilities as one. This was a long and difficult fight and I for one suggest we handle these Slimes with care and avoid them if possible should we encounter them again.

(See my Journal for a map of the room we are now in)

<< End Session 7 >>



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