Brim O Blackhand

Session 6 (Berrian)

<< Session 6 >>

† We awoke in Chaylin’s camp to a commotion and were surprised to find Reed’s body in an empty tent where he had been killed by having his throat crushed. We found distinctly humanoid bootprints in and around the tent. Upon checking the tent Cain was residing in, we find it deserted and completely devoid of any tracks or other evidence of his presence. With Cain unexpectedly departing the camp, the group wonders if perhaps he had another of his possessed episodes that may have led to the killing. Perhaps when he came to and realized what he had done, that served as reason for leaving unannounced.

† Shortly after investigating Reed’s downfall we were introduced to a new adventurer that Brim has allowed to join us on the quest. She is a tall, lithe eladrin ranger by the name of Arianna. She and Peren exchange a few words in elven and he conveyed his trust in her to the group and we accepted her among our ranks.

† We then arranged a proper funeral pyre for Reed. With that unfortunate business concluded we spoke again with Chaylin to gather any more information that we could. On our way to the palaver we noticed some of the dogmen digging and they explained to us that they are attempting to excavate ore. At this news, Grummel offered his expertise to assist in the task which proved successful, much to the delight of the dogmen. Our discussion with Chaylin then revealed her knowledge of the Raven Queen as followers of death and that they perhaps could be involved in the disturbance at the crypt. She also had some knowledge of Bane, a god of war an might which some of her soldiers follow. Bane generally imparts some measure of corruption and evil upon his followers eventually. Chaylin also said that she has no knowledge of the specific dark elf that enslaved Peren and Reed, but knew generally that drow are an evil race that have no honor but are master traders who can be useful if you have something to offer in return for their valuable goods and don’t mind dealing with the dangerous race.

† We then left for the crypt before dawn the following morning. Shortly after sunrise we began to travel through farmland and encountered a group of kruthiks that had been ransacking a farm. We found the insect like creatures fairly easy to dispatch, and learned that they can burrow underground and reappear elsewhere as well as having an aura about them from the way they thrash about that causes damage to adjacent enemies. They also appeared to hatch from eggs and then undergo a transformation after entering into a cocoon. After defeating the group of kruthiks we explore the farmhouse to find the bodies of farmers apparently killed by the bugs. We give the bodies a proper burial at the farm’s grave site.

† Shortly after moving on from the kruthik encounter, we found a sign pointing to the crypt of the Cullen family (the family crest is a wreath ring with the letter “C” in the middle) and continued on to it. Before we got to the entrance of the crypt courtyard, we were engulfed in a rolling mist that limits visibility and makes the air dank and cold. We then arrived at the crypt to find it encased in a stone wall which Grummel declared as not dwarven made, and which had the entrance gate destroyed and torn asunder. At the gate entrance we encounter a group of gravehounds. We learned they have a nasty bite that causes ongoing necrotic damage and also knocks the enemy prone. They also had no qualms about continuing to attack prone enemies, and in fact seem to invite attacks.

† Next we found ourselves up against a group of zombie shamblers and two corruption corpses. The zombies were very weak and generally just attempted to grab on to us. The corruption corpses had oozing matter in their bowels which they extracted and threw as ranged attacks, causing necrotic damage. They also exploded when taking the final blow which inflicts all adjacent squares with a heavy necrotic hit. One of the zombies also had a magic short sword +1 (to me) run through it which we later retrieved.

† After we defeated the zombies and corruption corpses, Peren attempted to bless the ground and release the undead from their constraints. He barely began the ritual when it attracted another group of monsters consisting of more graveounds, a wight and what we later determined to be a maw. The wight was a magic user that inflicted necrotic damage with ranged spells which could also immobilize an enemy. The maw summoned additional zombie rotter minions as well. After that encounter the group leaves the courtyard, taking with us the body of the maw so we could watch over it during our extended rest to see if it reanimates. On our way out we saw the original 7 gravehound bodies still in place which confirmed that at least in that short time they did not reanimate. At the gate I decided to sneak back into the courtyard to search the body of the wight for valuables. With Paelias’ help I was able to sneak in and out successfully and recover a magical arcane amulet. However, we were not able to identify it and will need to consult an expert to do so.

<< End Session 6 >>



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