Brim O Blackhand

Session 7 (Berrian)

† After our rest we re-entered the crypt and encountered another six Gravehounds and a Spectre. The Spectre was a humanoid undead creature but was made up of some kind of insubstantial mist. As soon as we encountered the creature in summoned four zombies. We also realized that it does not walk like a living creature, but rather just glides along a few inches above the ground. Spectres may also have the ability to remove the susceptibility to radiant damage to nearby allies as we saw one of the Gravehounds near it. With it’s gliding movement we also noticed that Spectre’s aren’t restricted by difficult terrain. We also saw that Spectres can make touch an adjascent enemy and lowers defenses (-2). The Gravehounds this time round were a bit tougher than before as well and we found that they had the ability to make one final interrupt attack before falling dead.

† Further back into the crypt we came across another Wight, two Corruption Corpses and four more Gravehounds. After that encounter we decided to stealthily move through the crypt towards towards the mausoleums to avoid any more pointless battles. At the mausoleums we saw that there has been significant damage done by what looked like an earthquake. One of them had it’s roof completely caved in and walls heavily damaged and another had a big crack in the foundation big enough to walk through. The third and last one was only lightly damaged.

† We entered the first mausoleum and found a statue holding a non-weapons grade ornamental sword with gems in the hilt, which I took. We also searched the three sarcophagi located there and I looted 240gp in gems while Grumel removed two apparent wedding rings (60gp each) from two of the corpses within them. Some of the companions were not happy with our choice of looting the dead, but I was not interested in passing up easy coin. I must admit though that taking the rings was a bit cold, even for Grumel. We then went into the second mausoleum and find a similar statue there but one devoid of any sword. I tried placing the sword from the first mausoleum into it but did not get any reaction. There were many more sarcophagi in the second building but they were all empty of both corpses and valuables.

† We then had to clear a group of monsters away from the last mausoleum before we could enter. There we dispatched another Wight, a Spectre and four more Gravehounds, but we decided to return to the first mausoleum to take an extended rest and many in the group had exhausted they’re powers and stamina. Once rested we explored the last mausoleum and found another statue without a sword and more empty sarcophagi. There was also a large sinkhole that led into a subterranean system of fissures and tunnels.

† We went into the tunnel and the first room we came to had another Spectre and a group of slimy blobs which we had not seen before. Two of them were yellow and four were green. We plinked away a bit at the “Slimes” from a distance but when Grumel engaged them in melee we found them to be particularly nasty. They could attack with hefty slams which could engulf you to not only grant advantages to their allies, but also inflict ongoing acid damage and cause them to share any damage taken with the engulfed. The green Slime’s attacks also restrain you and restrict your movement. We also learned that once bloodied, the yellow Slimes split in half to become two cratures with all the same abilities as one. This was a long and difficult fight and I for one suggest we handle these Slimes with care and avoid them if possible should we encounter them again.

(See my Journal for a map of the room we are now in)

<< End Session 7 >>

Session 6 (Berrian)

<< Session 6 >>

† We awoke in Chaylin’s camp to a commotion and were surprised to find Reed’s body in an empty tent where he had been killed by having his throat crushed. We found distinctly humanoid bootprints in and around the tent. Upon checking the tent Cain was residing in, we find it deserted and completely devoid of any tracks or other evidence of his presence. With Cain unexpectedly departing the camp, the group wonders if perhaps he had another of his possessed episodes that may have led to the killing. Perhaps when he came to and realized what he had done, that served as reason for leaving unannounced.

† Shortly after investigating Reed’s downfall we were introduced to a new adventurer that Brim has allowed to join us on the quest. She is a tall, lithe eladrin ranger by the name of Arianna. She and Peren exchange a few words in elven and he conveyed his trust in her to the group and we accepted her among our ranks.

† We then arranged a proper funeral pyre for Reed. With that unfortunate business concluded we spoke again with Chaylin to gather any more information that we could. On our way to the palaver we noticed some of the dogmen digging and they explained to us that they are attempting to excavate ore. At this news, Grummel offered his expertise to assist in the task which proved successful, much to the delight of the dogmen. Our discussion with Chaylin then revealed her knowledge of the Raven Queen as followers of death and that they perhaps could be involved in the disturbance at the crypt. She also had some knowledge of Bane, a god of war an might which some of her soldiers follow. Bane generally imparts some measure of corruption and evil upon his followers eventually. Chaylin also said that she has no knowledge of the specific dark elf that enslaved Peren and Reed, but knew generally that drow are an evil race that have no honor but are master traders who can be useful if you have something to offer in return for their valuable goods and don’t mind dealing with the dangerous race.

† We then left for the crypt before dawn the following morning. Shortly after sunrise we began to travel through farmland and encountered a group of kruthiks that had been ransacking a farm. We found the insect like creatures fairly easy to dispatch, and learned that they can burrow underground and reappear elsewhere as well as having an aura about them from the way they thrash about that causes damage to adjacent enemies. They also appeared to hatch from eggs and then undergo a transformation after entering into a cocoon. After defeating the group of kruthiks we explore the farmhouse to find the bodies of farmers apparently killed by the bugs. We give the bodies a proper burial at the farm’s grave site.

† Shortly after moving on from the kruthik encounter, we found a sign pointing to the crypt of the Cullen family (the family crest is a wreath ring with the letter “C” in the middle) and continued on to it. Before we got to the entrance of the crypt courtyard, we were engulfed in a rolling mist that limits visibility and makes the air dank and cold. We then arrived at the crypt to find it encased in a stone wall which Grummel declared as not dwarven made, and which had the entrance gate destroyed and torn asunder. At the gate entrance we encounter a group of gravehounds. We learned they have a nasty bite that causes ongoing necrotic damage and also knocks the enemy prone. They also had no qualms about continuing to attack prone enemies, and in fact seem to invite attacks.

† Next we found ourselves up against a group of zombie shamblers and two corruption corpses. The zombies were very weak and generally just attempted to grab on to us. The corruption corpses had oozing matter in their bowels which they extracted and threw as ranged attacks, causing necrotic damage. They also exploded when taking the final blow which inflicts all adjacent squares with a heavy necrotic hit. One of the zombies also had a magic short sword +1 (to me) run through it which we later retrieved.

† After we defeated the zombies and corruption corpses, Peren attempted to bless the ground and release the undead from their constraints. He barely began the ritual when it attracted another group of monsters consisting of more graveounds, a wight and what we later determined to be a maw. The wight was a magic user that inflicted necrotic damage with ranged spells which could also immobilize an enemy. The maw summoned additional zombie rotter minions as well. After that encounter the group leaves the courtyard, taking with us the body of the maw so we could watch over it during our extended rest to see if it reanimates. On our way out we saw the original 7 gravehound bodies still in place which confirmed that at least in that short time they did not reanimate. At the gate I decided to sneak back into the courtyard to search the body of the wight for valuables. With Paelias’ help I was able to sneak in and out successfully and recover a magical arcane amulet. However, we were not able to identify it and will need to consult an expert to do so.

<< End Session 6 >>

SESSION 5 (Berrian)

† After dispatching the latest gnoll huntmaster we decided to camp for the night in the same cave we rested in earlier in the day and used as cover with the wizard’s curtain to make easy work of the latest threat. Reed and I stood watch and heard the ettin roaming a good deal away and also saw the blue light flash from the portal at the pentagram in the opposite direction. After relaying to the group what we discoverd, we decided to wait until first light and then go to the pentagram and investigate. During the wait there was an peculiar event where Cain appeared to become possessed and said to Peren, “Why are you wearing the armor of the Sacred Queen? You know it does not belong to you and you must return it at once or not even Brim can save you and your lowly companions”. Afterward, Cain remembered nothing of what he said. Peren confirmed that Pelor is definitely not known as or associated with the Sacred Queen so we suspected that perhaps the armor is falsely marked with Pelor’s symbol. We examined the unknown amulet Cain has in his possession and also Peren’s armor to see if we could discern the source of the strange occurrence and possibly find something out of place, but found nothing evident.

† In the morning, we approached the pentagram from within a copse of trees and saw 3 hyenas and two gnolls that were fancily dressed in comparison to the huntmasters we’d encountered before, which we identified as acolytes. One of the acolytes was loading bodies of dogmen from a cart into one of five pits between each of the points of the pentagram and, thus we determined the other to be the leader since it was not doing the grunt work. We decided to make some noise while still under cover in the trees and see if we could coax part of the group to come investigate and be able to ambush them. It seemed to work at first as the hyenas started to move toward us, but the leader acolyte stopped them. At that point the impatient dwarf threw our plan away and rushed the field on his own. Once the battle started the leader acolyte shot a magical fire enchanted arrow into the trees we were hiding in, which had been set up as a trap to catch fire and burn easily. At that point Cain and Sheddin engaged the second acolyte while the rest of the group followed Grumel to the hyenas and the leader. We found the lesser hyenas easy prey, but the acolytes were much more formidable than their lesser brethren. Their armor made them much harder to hit and required much more damage to kill, meanwhile their already effective longbow attacks were made more so with the fire enchantments. They also were able to lay curses upon us doing ongoing necrotic damage. With our poor strategy of splitting up the group, the acolytes waylaid us and did massive damage before we could regroup. Reed and I finally managed to join up with Sheddin and Cain and killed the lesser acolyte, but the leader kept Grumel and Peren busy and managed to summon the barlugra demon that they served. By the time the demon joined the fight we had already been hurt badly and Reed and Peren were laid low. The rest of us with no chance to save them and survive fled to Chaylin’s camp, but noticed a drow elf with white hair approach the battlefield during our flight.

† Back at Chaylin’s camp we relayed our story and learned from them that there were 5 hunting groups that were responsible for filling the food pits with bodies for the demon to devour. With that revelation we realized that we had already dispatched the 5 groups and so there must only be the one acolyte remaining. The next day after resting at the camp, we were surprised when Reed and Peren rejoined us. They then relayed their story of being saved from death by the drow, only to awake in terrible agony and realized that were being branded on the back, lower part of the neck between the shoulder blades, and then fell back unconscious. When they came to fully they were bound and among other prisoners and discerned that the drow is a slave trader and had put his mark upon them with the branding. They had also been stripped of all their belongings. Fortunately though their bindings were of drow magic and when put into sunlight they dissolved. They then helped free the other prisoners and escaped back to the Church of Pelor. The monks there then supplied them with new gear and rations and they were able to make it back to Chaylin’s camp. I must learn more of this drow and his vile operation…

† We then spent another night at the camp and with the news that the remaining acolyte should now be alone, we went back to finish the job. We had much better fortune and the second time and were able to pummel and restrain the last acolyte, but not before it summoned the barlugra once more. With no other choice we engaged it, but surprisingly found it easier to hit than it’s gnoll followers. Without knowing that battle was at hand though we were able to surprise it and overwhelm and destroy the ugly thing before it could release much of it’s fury. We looted the area, finding some jewelry worn by the barlugra as well as Stanching Leather Armor +1 that the group granted to me, and also severed a paw from the demon as well as a single claw for myself as trophies. Looking through the pits we found some dogmen bodies still intact and loaded them into the cart used by the acolytes and, after hanging the flag, transported them back to Chaylin’s camp along with the captured prisoner.

† When we returned to Chaylin she rewarded us with Acrobat Boots, which we gave to Sheddin since he’s usually the one needing to pick himself up most often. She seemed pleased to have a living gnoll to play with and was also somewhat comforted that it was not just the ettin alone responsible for the deaths of so many of her soldiers. During that last encounter we got a closer look at the staff she carries as well and noticed that it is not only of fine craftsmanship but seems magically powerful as well.


Session 4 (Berrian)

Notes from Berrian’s Journal:

† After continuing down the path from the kobold warrens after spotting the clearing with the pentagram, we run into the Ettin. Fortunately, we were able to avoid it. We did learn that it has an intimidating yell which sapped our desire for battle and thus our ability to hit should we have chosen to engage. It also had tremendous strength enough to break off live trees. He shouted curses to us concerning his victory over many of Chaylin’s dogmen as well.

† After avoiding the Ettin we continued on to Chaylin’s camp where we discovered the dogmen engaged in a game of cards. Reed decided to join the game and we discover that not only was money on the line, but when a player is knocked out they must accept a stabbing with a small dagger from the victor. As a halfling’s luck would dictate, Reed happens to defeat Chaylin and double his already considerable coin stack. He also delivers the dagger blow to Chaylin which angers and annoys her but gains the approval of the other dogmen. Chaylin then grants us audience where she agrees to grant us permission to take a detour to Fallcrest to resupply and investigate the Church of Pelor, and tells us how to get there.

† We then rest for the night and travel to Fallcrest the following morning. On the way to the town we pass through several farms that were all recently harvested and vacated. When we arrive at the city gate, the guards greet us with general suspicion and we gather then that Fallcrest is a human village that looks down upon other races. They do tell us though that the Church of Pelor was abandoned within the city and resettled some distance to the east of town. We also see signs right away the reflect not only a resentment to non-humans but also, and possibly more so, to magic users and thieves.

† We then split into three groups. Sheddin and Grumel stay outside the wall as they are the most obvious as non-humans and wanted to avoid trouble. Their experience is laid out in Sheddin’s journal, although it fails to mention that in addition to releasing the thugs who attacked them, Reed decides to fork over gold to their leader after hearing a sob story about his dying grandmother. We also learn from them that they were hired by councilman Frederick. Reed and Cain then enter the town as one group, with Peren and I as the other. The following entry describes Cain and Reed’s experience in town as described by Cain:

¡ Cain and Reed begin asking around for magical materials and are met with extreme suspicion with the normal storefronts with no success in finding anything, but are told about a building called the Naked Blade which is said to be in the southern part of town which is where items not traded on the open market might be found. They manage to find the location of the Naked Blade but cannot find a way in. Reed then attempts to pick a lock but the pair are then approached by the town constable and a contingent of his guards. After a hostile inquisition it is revealed that Reed is a halfling and are met with even more aggression. They manage to talk down the constable though but are implored to find their drink at the Emerald Jug tavern but be out of town by nightfall.

† Peren and I set out to first find supplies and are able to find most of the common items we sought, however we also are told that anything of magical stature, if available at all, would be in the south of town. Also, when I sold the weapons and other items looted from our enemies we are asked if we were involved in the massacre in at Avin Ridge in the eastern hills where the Church of Pelor settled, as there have been other adventurers that have come to town to sell similar items. (It looks like the kobolds haven’t been the only ones to benefit from the struggle there). After leaving the market area we find the previous site of the Church. However it looked more like a warehouse than a church. We do find Pelor’s mark there though. We weren’t there long though when we are similarly engaged by the constable and his contingent. We also talk our way out of continuing our conversation in the constable’s “meeting room” but are told to go to the Emerald Jug and collect Cain and Reed and get out of town. All in all, the people in the shops and on the streets greet us with lots of suspicion and general dislike. When we arrive at the Emerald Jug though I go in while Peren waits outside and find that within that tavern, the environment is much different than we had experienced in the public areas. The bartender appeared to possibly be dwarven and the patrons seems to be a mixture of three distinct groups. In addition to a band playing music, there were a group of gothic garbed people (who I find out later are followers of the Raven Queen), a group of guards and another group of commoners. I just barely manage to order a mug of mead and a giant of a man appears yelling out a name of someone who owes money to his employer. At that point one of the commoners dives behind the bar. The giant man enters and demands to know where the person is and the goths and guards give way his position. The giant man pulls the other commoner out from behind the bar and proceeds to twist and rip his head clean from his shoulders. When his friends attempt to help, they too are dismembered and beaten to death with their own limbs. One of them is driven through the bar. The giant man then relieves the corpses of their valuables and leaves the tavern. Workers then come out and clean up the mess and everything goes back to normal as if it was a regular occurrance (the band never stopped playing throughout the melee). I then work to seduce the barmaid, Glendel, and she agrees to meet me later in the evening at her room to get more info as she is unwilling to talk further in the tavern. Cain and Reed then arrive and bring Peren with them and we enjoy a bit of all-artichoke food and drink for a while before departing.

† When I arrive at the Glendel’s room I learn about more information about Fallcrest. She explains that there are four main power structures within the town, all vying for control. They consist of the followers of the Raven Queen, and followers of Bane, as well as the constable and his guards and the council members who all live in the castle upon the bluff. The city council and constable seem to be the strongest, with the constable particularly adept and making his adversaries disappear. However money seems to speak louder that anything for the constable. The strongest among the city council members seems to be Frederick, who hired the thugs that accosted Sheddin and Grumel. All the factions seem to be shaking down the merchants in town, which would explain their suspicious attitude. Glendel also explains that Fallcrest was originally a dwarven town (which explains why the Emerald Jug might be operated by a dwarf), but was abandoned and resettled by humans. They now have an annual artichoke festival as well after the harvest which is celebrated throughout the town with the crowning even being a beauty pageant usually consisting of peasant girls from surrounding farms (which Glendel seems to dislike and look down upon) and judged by the city council. This year there was a guest judge who is a handsome nobleman from outside the city. The conversation then ended with my final quip that Glendel herself should have entered the pageant as she would be easily have been the winner. The buxom beauty and I then put a dirty, sweaty exclamation point on an interesting day of adventure in Fallcrest.

† Early the next morning I rejoin the group at the farmhouse and after dealing with the thugs we go to the new site of the Church of Pelor. There we find a group of robed monks cleaning up the ruins of the Church which was extensively damaged, more so than one would think a group of kobolds could cause on their own. Peren and I go up to the monks and notice that they are armed which is unusual for followers of Pelor, however they explain their armament as for protection only from a dangerous world. We ask a few questions of Pelor to determine if the monks might be impostors, but are met with a very zealous attempt to enlighten us which made us believe they were true followers. They then ask Peren to be their new leader as the previous one was killed in the raid (which none of the current monks on clean-up were present for). Peren declines due to our current quest commitments but anoints one of the monks as interim leader and promises to check back in on them when our quest for Brim is at an end.

† We then continue on our quest to clear the gnoll valley and manage to dispatch three more gnolls with their hyena’s. The first one we encountered blew on a horn which attracted a second group. After completing that difficult encounter we collect the loot, including both alarm horns, and take an extended rest in a nearby cave with wizard’s curtain cast upon it’s entrance. With the wizard’s curtain still up we blow the horn ourselves which attracts one more huntmaster and it’s hyena’s. Using the curtain as cover, we easily dispatch the third group and as it is evening again, we rest for the remainder of the night.



An interesting Town – By Shedinn

An interesting day to be sure. After some adventures we’ve decided to head to Fallcrest, a town not far from the Gnoll valley so we can resupply, and possibly learn about the Church of Pallor that was ransacked. This town turned out to be a lot different than I was expecting.

Coming from a merchant town I’m used to the hustle and bustle of many races conducting commerce, merriment and the occasional scuffle. Walking into Fallcrest was like looking at a painting with just one color. Humans everywhere, and not another race to be seen. The guards gave us a bit of trouble but not too much. The townsfolk were much worse though. The Dwarf and I brought the most looks. People parted like a sea from us as we walked through the town. Originally Grummel and I had planned to do some drinking and see what was up, as we were fully supplied already. As we made our way through the town though we decided it wasn’t worth the stares and apparent fear of these people. I had an idea once alcohol was involved it wouldn’t just be stares, but possible violence too. I didn’t think that killing half the town in self defense would be too useful in our quest, and as Grummel had already headed back to the gates I decided to join him outside waiting for our compatriots.

While we waited we were assaulted by four armed humans, who unfortunately for them, were ill equipped to deal with a drunken dwarf and a pissed off Dragonborn. We quickly subdued them and in the spirit of not causing too big a scene (and possible hanging) did not kill them. Instead we tied them up and drug them to a farmhouse where we hid until the next day waiting for our group to find us again.

At this point I’ll leave be, as this ends the part of my story away from the group.


<< 3rd Session as noted by Berrian >>

  • We continue on towards the tower until we catch a glimpse of it in the distance. We then decide to camp for the night just down the path from the tower and plan to move out before daylight. We make use of the Explorer’s Fire from the flint ‘n steel and Peren also casts Wizard’s Curtain to protect the entrance to our camp. During the night we heard movement about but were not disturbed.
  • We arise a couple hours before dawn to continue on under the protection of darkness, and are surprised to find that our kobold prisoner has broken free of his bindings and gag but has stayed in camp to cook the companions breakfast. He tells us his name is Wrester and explains that his god, Gruumsh, visited him in the night and showed him that his chosen path was to assist us in punishing his weak brethren and that he will be rewarded for it. Berrian’s insight tells him that he is sincere. Wrester held true to his promise to help us by pointing out two traps along the path. We get to the tower and see that the area around it has been cleared of tall grass and any other cover. Wrester explains to us that there is always at least one guard on the top of that the tower and the shift change is every 3 hours. He also explains that the alarm system involves a large gong which we can see on from our vantage point. We also see that it takes about 10 minutes for the guard to make the complete circuit around the tower and that he is not visible for several minutes while on the opposite side.
  • When the guard is on the opposite side of the tower the group walks up and enters the base of the tower through the door, with Shedinn carrying a bound and gagged Wrester to prevent any change of heart. Once in the tower Berrian climbs the ladder to dispatch the skirmisher guard while the rest of the group forms a defensive position around the hatch leading to the warrens. Berrian has a bit of trouble with the guard so Grumel goes up and helps finish the task. During the tussle another kobold comes to the hatch and yells up to ask if everything is alright. Shedinn takes a chance and ungags Wrester who responds to the other kobold by name saying everything is ok, and the kobold leaves. Before coming back down after killing the guard, Berrian and Grumel render the gong useless.
  • After proving himself loyal once again, we unbind Wrester and he explains to us that just through the door at the base of the ladder is a meeting room which always has kobolds in it, sometimes including their priestess. Not knowing how many might be in the meeting room, we decide to try and draw a couple out into the tower first. Wrester then creates the diversion by going down and bringing up two skirmishers with him under the ruse that the guard had fallen and been injured. Once through the hatch we attack and kill the skirmishers with Wrester even attempting to join the fray by attempting to restrain one of the skirmishers.
  • We then enter the warrens and get to the meeting room where we find three closed doors leading off of it, and a grate leading down to a lower level. The door the east has voices behind it while the other two do not. We decide to explore the other two doors first and find a storeroom to the west with casked wine and crates of items with the insignia of Fallcrest on them. The door to the north leads into another room with two open doors leading east and west. We decide to go back in and enter the room with voices first. Before entering we stack the tables onto the grate and put some of the heavy crates in front of the north door to impede any foes coming in behind us. Inside the west door we find a barracks with 3 pikemen and 3 slingers. Shedinn goes in solo to use his breath attack but has little success and it then cornered by the pikemen. The rest of the group goes to his aid and are able to turn the tide of the battle to our favor and are victorious. After the battle we recovered a Belt of Vigor (goes to Shedinn after roll-off)
  • Once we get into the next room to the north, Wrester tells us that the chapel lies to the west, while Gleedil’s chambers are to the east. He seems very afraid of the priestess that resides in the chapel and refuses to enter the room. We decide to enter the chapel first as we hear voices and noise coming from there, so we close the eastern door and find a curtain at the end of a short hallway through the other. Grumel decides to rush into the room, tearing the curtain down as he goes, with Shedinn close behind and the remainder of the group prepping for action (except for Reed who plans to stay with Wrester outside). After entering Grumel yells back to the group that the chapel contains it’s priestess dressed in robes and a bone mask, along with two more pikemen and three skirmishers. Now that combat begins, Berrian is the first to act and is fortunate enough to engage the priestess, loose all his daily powers powers and is able to smote her before the enemies can react. We then engage the pikemen and skirmishers, meanwhile the eastern door opens and a kobold pokes his head through, curses and closes the door again. While the rest of the group is engaged, Gleedil enters the anterior room with four minions and four dragonshield guards. Reed is surrounded and knocked unconscious before he can flee. Wrester then pulls his body out and into the meeting room and stabilizes him even though one of the dragnshields yells to him to help them. Grumel notices Reed’s dilemma too late, but is able to set up a defensive position at the end of the hall to prevent the new foes from entering. We finally dispatch the pikemen and skirmishers while Grumel manages to chop down all four minions attempting to enter the chapel. We also learn that Gleedil has cast a buff spell to aid his allies by giving them temporary hit points. Once his minions are cut down, Gleedil sets the dragonshields into a defensive position on their side of the tunnel and goes up to chapel entrance and looses an acid breath attack which hits all but Cain, wounding Berrian particularly badly and whom retreats back to Cain to get the healing potion. We are then at a bit of a stalemate at opposite ends of the hall. Shedinn takes a change by entering the hallway though and is able to kill Gleedil. Berrian is then able to use his teleportation to take him to the end of the south hall leading back into the meeting room and sees Wrester clearing the grate away to provide a means of escape for us if needed. Berrian then engages the dragshields from behind as the rest of the group attemps to slide through the hallway. Peren goes down though with mortal wounds and is saved at the last minute by a now conscious but heavily wounded Reed making a daring dash through the enemies to heal him. We find the dragonsheilds with their scale armor are difficult to hit against their AC and it takes a tremendous effort to win the day while they had an easy time hitting us with their mob attack bonuses, although luckily not hitting hard with only shortswords. At one point Cain even resorts to taunting a dragonshield into attacking him instead of the more heavily injured companions. After the battle Grumel takes Gleedil’s Scale Armor +1 and Berrian collects the dragonshield’s shortswords and the two bonemasks Gleedil and the wyrm priestess were wearing.
  • After the long, hard battle we take an extended rest in the chapel and barricade ourselves in by piling the huge mass of dead kobolds behind the door. Afterwards, we explore Gleedil’s chambers and find a chest which Wrester warns is trapped. Berrian finds no mechanical traps and picks the lock but finds a poisonous snake inside. Grumel steps up and takes care of the snake. Inside the chest we find a sack of gold with the symbol of Pelor, Peren’s diety. We also find a map of the church of Pelor. With both items covered with blood we surmise that the kobolds had recently raided the church and Peren declares a desire to investigate. We also find an Amulet of Protection (goes to Cain after a roll-off) and a Gambler’s Dagger in the chest (goes to Berrian).
  • We then explore the lower level where Wrester opens a hidden door on the south end of the room below the grate. After opening the door he explains to us that this is where he will receive his reward from Gruumsh as he walks backward down the short tunnel behind the door. After a few steps he steps on a pressure plate on the floor and seems happy as two blades come from the wall to sever him in half vertically. We then throw a torch in the room beyond and see that there are treasure chests there. Berrian teleports into the room to avoid the trap and comes back to the group with the treasure. The items include Pelor’s Exalted Chainmail +1 and Holy Symbol (to Peren), an arcane based amulet which we are unable to identify (to Cain) and 30gp of ritual components along with ritual books of Silence, Tenser’s Floating Disk and Brew Potion.
  • After collecting all the treasure and items we hang the flag to mark the area cleared and climb to the top of the tower to check surroundings and see if we can see signs of the town of Fallcrest since the crates in the storeroom had it’s mark and we assume it is not far away. We’re not able to see the town, but do spot the north-south running river that flows through the middle of it according to the map recovered in a previous battle. We decide to return to Chaylin first to let her know that we’d like to investigate the attack on the church of Pelor and also to get directions to Fallcrest for supplies. On the way back down the path from the tower, we happen to spot a clearing down in the valley with a stone pentagram shaped dais with an altar atop it. While looking, the altar comes to life and sparks with blue light and a large, strong looking orange, horned creature that what we assume is a lesser demon appears and begins digging through piles of items along the edge of the dais before going back through an apparent portal. We shall have to ask Chaylin about this strange creature and the dais/alter in general. We end the session at mid-day on the path overlooking the clearing.

  • << End of session 3 (mid-day) >>

    << 2nd Session as noted by Berrian >>
    We continue our journey towards the kobold infested tower. To better prepare ourselves for encounters we decide to send the rogues out ahead of the group (10 squares) to avoid be surprised. We also set a standard traveling formation with Shedinn and Grummel in the lead followed by Peren and Cain. Along the way we encounter 3 groups of enemies…

  • The first encounter involved another wandering gnoll huntmaster and 4 pet hyenas. Reed and Berrian see them first at a fire feeding and are able to notify the group. We devise a strategy to have Reed and Berrian concealed in nearby foliage to gain advantage, and have the rest of the group approach them. When we engaged, we all focused on a single hyena to kill it quickly and move on to another one and so on in order to quickly negate their pack attack. With some luck and good strategy we defeated the encounter with only minor injuries. After the battle a magical flint ‘n steel is recovered and identified by Cain to create fire that will provide light and warmth to the companions, but not anyone outside the group. Reed also takes all the gold from the encounter. We also gain a map for the town of
  • After defeating the gnoll and hyenas we come upon a well traveled path at the edge of the valley. After going along the path for a while Berrian and Reed failed to perceive the presence of enemies and were surprised by a group of drakes and kobolds. The enemies swarmed on Berrian and laid him low while Reed managed to escape and return to the group. We learned that drakes have a particularly nasty bite attack, but defense that was not much better than their kobold companions. Within the kobolds we found some were ranged attackers using slings and rocks while others preferred melee with crude clubs. The group managed to dispatch the drakes first, but found that by doing so the kobolds were quick to flee once they were bloodied. We managed to keep any kobolds from fleeing by using grab attacks to hold them in place. Although Berrian missed a good portion of the battle, our cleric was able to revive him to rejoin the fight and complete the victory. Berrian collected the slings and bullets and the gnoll’s hand axe after the fight.
  • Further up the trail, the path narrowed considerably but came to a small clearing which tapered back into a narrow path on the other side. Berrian and Reed were able to sneak up through in the cover of trees to learn that the group was fearful of our band and were likely run if we did not stop them. The rogues return to the group and we devise a plan to have Berrian, Reed and Peren sneak through the trees to the opposite side of the clearing to block escape there while the rest of the group snuck up the patch from the other side. A mistep through the trees caused the enemies to realize the general position of the rogues and cleric. However this distraction allowed the remaining allies to get the surprise from behind them. When the battle started, Berrian attempted to step out into the path to block escape and promptly fell into a spiked pit trap. It is here that we learn that kobolds are adept at making and setting traps. The sprung trap worked to our advantage though as Berrian was able to climb out in short order and the collapsed area further blocked any escape. During this encounter we also learned that the kobold slingers can posses magically enhance bullets to do fire damage, can contain glue like substances to immobilize and we saw green stones which we assume is either acid damage or poison. There were also pikemen among this group of kobolds and we learned these enemies can attack two squares away with their long reaching pikes. We fared well in this battle and were even able to take advantage of the sprung trap by knocking two kobold pikemen in it. After a long process of trying to extract information from the surviving enemies, one kobold seemed to be willing to tell cooperate, but was then attacked and seriously injured by the second. We quickly dispatched the attacker and were then able to gain info from the remaining kobold pikeman. He explained to us that the kobold leader, Gleedil, is at the tower not far up the path. Gleedil wears nice armor and has 3 bodyguards and 4 lesser minions there and would normally have the drakes for protection as well if we had not already killed them. We also learned that there is a treasure chest magically hidden under the tower, but if we spare his life the kobold offers to show us the way to it even though he seems to be terrified by giant spiders that are near it. Some group members point out that ultimately our instruction from Brim was to kill every kobold inhabiting the area of the tower, but after a bit of arguing over what to do with the prisoner, we decide to spare him due the potential for further information and also to appease Shedinn who refuses to let us harm and unarmed opponent. We do keep him bound and gagged, however even when we decide to make make camp and rest for the night, using the magical fire from the flint ‘n steel recovered in the first battle. Berrian also collects the slings again after the battle.
  • << End of session 2 >>

    << 1st session as noted by Berrian >>

  • All surviving would-be adventurers arriving after Berrian and Cain had the unfortunate luck to find themselves in the pool of blood left by the dead dragonborn, who apparently was the brother of Shedinn (who was initially hostile in the search for answers as to what happened to his brother).
  • Upon arrival, all the group members introduced themselves along with Berrian’s rat companion, Coblyn, and chose rooms (map of the “white room” with room claims to be attached later).
  • Brim O’Blackhand then appeared in the fire in his usual spiked helmet like shape and instructed us to ready ourselves and walk into the the fire once the flames turned purple and we would would then be further instructed by his dogmen minions. He also told us, when Reed asked what the metal dog’s name was, that it’s name is power that we were not yet worthy of.
  • While waiting for the fire to turn, the group voted 3-2(Shedinn)-1(Reed) for Berrian to be the group leader (although Brim seemed to dub Reed the leader and who seems plenty eager for the attention). Reed also filled his pack with food, while Grummel packed some of the books found in his room.
  • Once the fire turned color, Reed was of course the first one through practically before the full color change had completed. The rest of the companions then followed and met up with, Chaylin, the female leader of dogmen. Chaylin reclaims the books Grummel had taken from his room and then informed us that Brim wishes to test our mettle with 3 tasks of eradicating groups of enemies in order for him to claim their areas of inhabitance for his needs. One of the tasks involves clearing a valley of nomadic gnolls and hyenas, another is to kill every kobold inhabiting a tower and it’s surrounding area, allowing for none to escape, and the third to enter a crypt and clear it of the undead monsters that seem to be constantly respawning there. We are also warned to avoid a wandering ettin in the area as the dogmen will take care of it. Chaylin then gives us three flags which we are instructed to hang at each location once it is cleared and were told that if any of the flags are lost then our quest is failed. We decide to give the flags to Shadin to hold as he seems to be one of the strongest.
  • The companions then choose to begin with clearing the tower of kobolds and Chalin gives us maps and scouting reports for each task which contain some general descriptions of gnolls and kobolds, but very little of the crypt. On the journey to the tower we need to pass through the edge of the valley occupied by the gnolls. On the journey we encounter a group of 5 hyenas and a gnoll huntmaster. From what Chalin provided us and from the battle we learned that gnoll huntmasters are particularly adept at attacking at range with a long bow and are more easily dispatched when engaged in melee. The hyenas seem to attempt to attack as a pack where they gain advantage by numbers of 3 or more ganging up on a single apponent. We suspect that multiple gnolls will do the same when engaged in melee. We also learned a great deal about our own skills during the first of many encounters.
  • We also learned from Chalin’s scouting report that kobolds are an evil, but cowardly race that will hide from or attempt to flee more powerful enemies unless a more feared leader is among them, but tend to swarm over weaker ones. We’ll need to try and dispatch them quickly before they can escape and require us to take up chase. When encountering a group with a clear leader it may be in our best interest as well to keep the leader alive longest to prevent it’s followers from fleeing.
  • After the battle with the huntmaster and hyenas concluded, we decided to seek shelter in the hills for an extended rest to heal and recharge, while posting watch. Berrian has also suggested that once on the move again one or both of the rogues scout slightly ahead of the group at all times to avoid being surprised and hopefully get the advantage ourselves when we encounter more enemies.
  • << End of 1st session >>
    A look through dragonborn eyes
    What is going on here?

    Notes from Shedinn

    It’s been a crazy past couple days. I’m glad I remembered to bring my small journal with me to jot down the craziness. Once this is done I hope this journal will help me believe all the things that have happened, and I’m sure will happen.

    So you want to be an adventurer? Thats what the scrap of parchment said that my brother got ahold of. If it hadn’t been for him I would have never been involved in this mess. I would be leading a caravan right now and defending it from the evils of the world. Now though, I’m stuck with a very rag tag group of people, who’m I’m weary to call adventurers, certainly the kind of people I wouldn’t expect to answer that flyer. A dwarf, halfing, half elf, eledrin, elf and myself, a dragonborn. Who would believe we’d all be traveling together of our own free will without being paid. I have to give respect where respect is due though, In the troubles we’ve faced already everyone has proven capable and useful. We’ve even began applying tactics to some of the battles we’ve had to engage in.

    This adventure we’ve engaged in, not necessarily of our own free will is interesting to say the least. Magically transported to some kind of villa, gods know where with a metal dog and a talking fire. I’ll have to ask the others, as they were dealing with these beings for a while before I showed up, what the motives of this Brim O’ Blackhand are. I’m not quite certain. We’ve already met with his minions if you’ll call them that. Wolf people. They’ve tasked us with little missions which are supposed to prove our worth in this beings eyes. Makes me wonder if we’re doing ourselves any favors by helping him. Time will tell.

    I’m going to end this journal entry here. Ill Talk to our leader, the eledrin rogue some more and jot down our tasks in better detail and maybe some quick summaries of my traveling companions. Thats an entry for a future time though.

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