A Place for quests or missions and any info we have.

  Our current quest tasked to us by Brim is to clear three areas inhabited by monsters in order for Brim to claim them for his needs. The first area is a tower infested with kobolds where we need to kill every one of them since they breed like vermin and would be quick to repopulate the area. The second is a valley inhabited by nomadic gnolls with pet hyenas, with a special reward offered if we can capture the gnoll leader and return it to Brim/Chaylin. The third is a crypt full of undead that continually spawn from some unknown source within it. We are also warned to avoid an ettin wandering in through the region. To signify that it has been cleared, we are to hang a flag in each area.

¤  In the kobold warrens we found what appeared to be loot from a raid on the Church of Pelor, including a map of the church and some magic items. Peren would like to investigate the fate of his brethren…When we investigated we found the church destroyed, but Peren would like to check in on them when we complete our quest. They current followers also assisted Reed and Peren in getting resupplied after they escaped from the drow slave trader.

¤  We may also want to investigate the drow slave trader further as we can. In addition to Berrian’s extreme hatred of slave traders, he may also still have Reed and Peren’s valuables. Perhaps Chaylin and her soldiers or the residents of Fallcrest have some information…

  We have successfully cleared the tower area and warrens of kobolds and killed their leader, Gleedil. To signify this, we have hung the sign given to us by Chaylin.
  We have successfully cleared the valley of gnolls and killed the Barlugra demon that they served. We also discovered that the demon may have been the primary force behind the thinning of the dogmen ranks.


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