Brim O Blackhand



<< 2nd Session as noted by Berrian >>
We continue our journey towards the kobold infested tower. To better prepare ourselves for encounters we decide to send the rogues out ahead of the group (10 squares) to avoid be surprised. We also set a standard traveling formation with Shedinn and Grummel in the lead followed by Peren and Cain. Along the way we encounter 3 groups of enemies…

  • The first encounter involved another wandering gnoll huntmaster and 4 pet hyenas. Reed and Berrian see them first at a fire feeding and are able to notify the group. We devise a strategy to have Reed and Berrian concealed in nearby foliage to gain advantage, and have the rest of the group approach them. When we engaged, we all focused on a single hyena to kill it quickly and move on to another one and so on in order to quickly negate their pack attack. With some luck and good strategy we defeated the encounter with only minor injuries. After the battle a magical flint ‘n steel is recovered and identified by Cain to create fire that will provide light and warmth to the companions, but not anyone outside the group. Reed also takes all the gold from the encounter. We also gain a map for the town of
  • After defeating the gnoll and hyenas we come upon a well traveled path at the edge of the valley. After going along the path for a while Berrian and Reed failed to perceive the presence of enemies and were surprised by a group of drakes and kobolds. The enemies swarmed on Berrian and laid him low while Reed managed to escape and return to the group. We learned that drakes have a particularly nasty bite attack, but defense that was not much better than their kobold companions. Within the kobolds we found some were ranged attackers using slings and rocks while others preferred melee with crude clubs. The group managed to dispatch the drakes first, but found that by doing so the kobolds were quick to flee once they were bloodied. We managed to keep any kobolds from fleeing by using grab attacks to hold them in place. Although Berrian missed a good portion of the battle, our cleric was able to revive him to rejoin the fight and complete the victory. Berrian collected the slings and bullets and the gnoll’s hand axe after the fight.
  • Further up the trail, the path narrowed considerably but came to a small clearing which tapered back into a narrow path on the other side. Berrian and Reed were able to sneak up through in the cover of trees to learn that the group was fearful of our band and were likely run if we did not stop them. The rogues return to the group and we devise a plan to have Berrian, Reed and Peren sneak through the trees to the opposite side of the clearing to block escape there while the rest of the group snuck up the patch from the other side. A mistep through the trees caused the enemies to realize the general position of the rogues and cleric. However this distraction allowed the remaining allies to get the surprise from behind them. When the battle started, Berrian attempted to step out into the path to block escape and promptly fell into a spiked pit trap. It is here that we learn that kobolds are adept at making and setting traps. The sprung trap worked to our advantage though as Berrian was able to climb out in short order and the collapsed area further blocked any escape. During this encounter we also learned that the kobold slingers can posses magically enhance bullets to do fire damage, can contain glue like substances to immobilize and we saw green stones which we assume is either acid damage or poison. There were also pikemen among this group of kobolds and we learned these enemies can attack two squares away with their long reaching pikes. We fared well in this battle and were even able to take advantage of the sprung trap by knocking two kobold pikemen in it. After a long process of trying to extract information from the surviving enemies, one kobold seemed to be willing to tell cooperate, but was then attacked and seriously injured by the second. We quickly dispatched the attacker and were then able to gain info from the remaining kobold pikeman. He explained to us that the kobold leader, Gleedil, is at the tower not far up the path. Gleedil wears nice armor and has 3 bodyguards and 4 lesser minions there and would normally have the drakes for protection as well if we had not already killed them. We also learned that there is a treasure chest magically hidden under the tower, but if we spare his life the kobold offers to show us the way to it even though he seems to be terrified by giant spiders that are near it. Some group members point out that ultimately our instruction from Brim was to kill every kobold inhabiting the area of the tower, but after a bit of arguing over what to do with the prisoner, we decide to spare him due the potential for further information and also to appease Shedinn who refuses to let us harm and unarmed opponent. We do keep him bound and gagged, however even when we decide to make make camp and rest for the night, using the magical fire from the flint ‘n steel recovered in the first battle. Berrian also collects the slings again after the battle.
  • << End of session 2 >>



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