Brim O Blackhand



<< 1st session as noted by Berrian >>

  • All surviving would-be adventurers arriving after Berrian and Cain had the unfortunate luck to find themselves in the pool of blood left by the dead dragonborn, who apparently was the brother of Shedinn (who was initially hostile in the search for answers as to what happened to his brother).
  • Upon arrival, all the group members introduced themselves along with Berrian’s rat companion, Coblyn, and chose rooms (map of the “white room” with room claims to be attached later).
  • Brim O’Blackhand then appeared in the fire in his usual spiked helmet like shape and instructed us to ready ourselves and walk into the the fire once the flames turned purple and we would would then be further instructed by his dogmen minions. He also told us, when Reed asked what the metal dog’s name was, that it’s name is power that we were not yet worthy of.
  • While waiting for the fire to turn, the group voted 3-2(Shedinn)-1(Reed) for Berrian to be the group leader (although Brim seemed to dub Reed the leader and who seems plenty eager for the attention). Reed also filled his pack with food, while Grummel packed some of the books found in his room.
  • Once the fire turned color, Reed was of course the first one through practically before the full color change had completed. The rest of the companions then followed and met up with, Chaylin, the female leader of dogmen. Chaylin reclaims the books Grummel had taken from his room and then informed us that Brim wishes to test our mettle with 3 tasks of eradicating groups of enemies in order for him to claim their areas of inhabitance for his needs. One of the tasks involves clearing a valley of nomadic gnolls and hyenas, another is to kill every kobold inhabiting a tower and it’s surrounding area, allowing for none to escape, and the third to enter a crypt and clear it of the undead monsters that seem to be constantly respawning there. We are also warned to avoid a wandering ettin in the area as the dogmen will take care of it. Chaylin then gives us three flags which we are instructed to hang at each location once it is cleared and were told that if any of the flags are lost then our quest is failed. We decide to give the flags to Shadin to hold as he seems to be one of the strongest.
  • The companions then choose to begin with clearing the tower of kobolds and Chalin gives us maps and scouting reports for each task which contain some general descriptions of gnolls and kobolds, but very little of the crypt. On the journey to the tower we need to pass through the edge of the valley occupied by the gnolls. On the journey we encounter a group of 5 hyenas and a gnoll huntmaster. From what Chalin provided us and from the battle we learned that gnoll huntmasters are particularly adept at attacking at range with a long bow and are more easily dispatched when engaged in melee. The hyenas seem to attempt to attack as a pack where they gain advantage by numbers of 3 or more ganging up on a single apponent. We suspect that multiple gnolls will do the same when engaged in melee. We also learned a great deal about our own skills during the first of many encounters.
  • We also learned from Chalin’s scouting report that kobolds are an evil, but cowardly race that will hide from or attempt to flee more powerful enemies unless a more feared leader is among them, but tend to swarm over weaker ones. We’ll need to try and dispatch them quickly before they can escape and require us to take up chase. When encountering a group with a clear leader it may be in our best interest as well to keep the leader alive longest to prevent it’s followers from fleeing.
  • After the battle with the huntmaster and hyenas concluded, we decided to seek shelter in the hills for an extended rest to heal and recharge, while posting watch. Berrian has also suggested that once on the move again one or both of the rogues scout slightly ahead of the group at all times to avoid being surprised and hopefully get the advantage ourselves when we encounter more enemies.
  • << End of 1st session >>



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