Brim O Blackhand


<< 3rd Session as noted by Berrian >>

  • We continue on towards the tower until we catch a glimpse of it in the distance. We then decide to camp for the night just down the path from the tower and plan to move out before daylight. We make use of the Explorer’s Fire from the flint ‘n steel and Peren also casts Wizard’s Curtain to protect the entrance to our camp. During the night we heard movement about but were not disturbed.
  • We arise a couple hours before dawn to continue on under the protection of darkness, and are surprised to find that our kobold prisoner has broken free of his bindings and gag but has stayed in camp to cook the companions breakfast. He tells us his name is Wrester and explains that his god, Gruumsh, visited him in the night and showed him that his chosen path was to assist us in punishing his weak brethren and that he will be rewarded for it. Berrian’s insight tells him that he is sincere. Wrester held true to his promise to help us by pointing out two traps along the path. We get to the tower and see that the area around it has been cleared of tall grass and any other cover. Wrester explains to us that there is always at least one guard on the top of that the tower and the shift change is every 3 hours. He also explains that the alarm system involves a large gong which we can see on from our vantage point. We also see that it takes about 10 minutes for the guard to make the complete circuit around the tower and that he is not visible for several minutes while on the opposite side.
  • When the guard is on the opposite side of the tower the group walks up and enters the base of the tower through the door, with Shedinn carrying a bound and gagged Wrester to prevent any change of heart. Once in the tower Berrian climbs the ladder to dispatch the skirmisher guard while the rest of the group forms a defensive position around the hatch leading to the warrens. Berrian has a bit of trouble with the guard so Grumel goes up and helps finish the task. During the tussle another kobold comes to the hatch and yells up to ask if everything is alright. Shedinn takes a chance and ungags Wrester who responds to the other kobold by name saying everything is ok, and the kobold leaves. Before coming back down after killing the guard, Berrian and Grumel render the gong useless.
  • After proving himself loyal once again, we unbind Wrester and he explains to us that just through the door at the base of the ladder is a meeting room which always has kobolds in it, sometimes including their priestess. Not knowing how many might be in the meeting room, we decide to try and draw a couple out into the tower first. Wrester then creates the diversion by going down and bringing up two skirmishers with him under the ruse that the guard had fallen and been injured. Once through the hatch we attack and kill the skirmishers with Wrester even attempting to join the fray by attempting to restrain one of the skirmishers.
  • We then enter the warrens and get to the meeting room where we find three closed doors leading off of it, and a grate leading down to a lower level. The door the east has voices behind it while the other two do not. We decide to explore the other two doors first and find a storeroom to the west with casked wine and crates of items with the insignia of Fallcrest on them. The door to the north leads into another room with two open doors leading east and west. We decide to go back in and enter the room with voices first. Before entering we stack the tables onto the grate and put some of the heavy crates in front of the north door to impede any foes coming in behind us. Inside the west door we find a barracks with 3 pikemen and 3 slingers. Shedinn goes in solo to use his breath attack but has little success and it then cornered by the pikemen. The rest of the group goes to his aid and are able to turn the tide of the battle to our favor and are victorious. After the battle we recovered a Belt of Vigor (goes to Shedinn after roll-off)
  • Once we get into the next room to the north, Wrester tells us that the chapel lies to the west, while Gleedil’s chambers are to the east. He seems very afraid of the priestess that resides in the chapel and refuses to enter the room. We decide to enter the chapel first as we hear voices and noise coming from there, so we close the eastern door and find a curtain at the end of a short hallway through the other. Grumel decides to rush into the room, tearing the curtain down as he goes, with Shedinn close behind and the remainder of the group prepping for action (except for Reed who plans to stay with Wrester outside). After entering Grumel yells back to the group that the chapel contains it’s priestess dressed in robes and a bone mask, along with two more pikemen and three skirmishers. Now that combat begins, Berrian is the first to act and is fortunate enough to engage the priestess, loose all his daily powers powers and is able to smote her before the enemies can react. We then engage the pikemen and skirmishers, meanwhile the eastern door opens and a kobold pokes his head through, curses and closes the door again. While the rest of the group is engaged, Gleedil enters the anterior room with four minions and four dragonshield guards. Reed is surrounded and knocked unconscious before he can flee. Wrester then pulls his body out and into the meeting room and stabilizes him even though one of the dragnshields yells to him to help them. Grumel notices Reed’s dilemma too late, but is able to set up a defensive position at the end of the hall to prevent the new foes from entering. We finally dispatch the pikemen and skirmishers while Grumel manages to chop down all four minions attempting to enter the chapel. We also learn that Gleedil has cast a buff spell to aid his allies by giving them temporary hit points. Once his minions are cut down, Gleedil sets the dragonshields into a defensive position on their side of the tunnel and goes up to chapel entrance and looses an acid breath attack which hits all but Cain, wounding Berrian particularly badly and whom retreats back to Cain to get the healing potion. We are then at a bit of a stalemate at opposite ends of the hall. Shedinn takes a change by entering the hallway though and is able to kill Gleedil. Berrian is then able to use his teleportation to take him to the end of the south hall leading back into the meeting room and sees Wrester clearing the grate away to provide a means of escape for us if needed. Berrian then engages the dragshields from behind as the rest of the group attemps to slide through the hallway. Peren goes down though with mortal wounds and is saved at the last minute by a now conscious but heavily wounded Reed making a daring dash through the enemies to heal him. We find the dragonsheilds with their scale armor are difficult to hit against their AC and it takes a tremendous effort to win the day while they had an easy time hitting us with their mob attack bonuses, although luckily not hitting hard with only shortswords. At one point Cain even resorts to taunting a dragonshield into attacking him instead of the more heavily injured companions. After the battle Grumel takes Gleedil’s Scale Armor +1 and Berrian collects the dragonshield’s shortswords and the two bonemasks Gleedil and the wyrm priestess were wearing.
  • After the long, hard battle we take an extended rest in the chapel and barricade ourselves in by piling the huge mass of dead kobolds behind the door. Afterwards, we explore Gleedil’s chambers and find a chest which Wrester warns is trapped. Berrian finds no mechanical traps and picks the lock but finds a poisonous snake inside. Grumel steps up and takes care of the snake. Inside the chest we find a sack of gold with the symbol of Pelor, Peren’s diety. We also find a map of the church of Pelor. With both items covered with blood we surmise that the kobolds had recently raided the church and Peren declares a desire to investigate. We also find an Amulet of Protection (goes to Cain after a roll-off) and a Gambler’s Dagger in the chest (goes to Berrian).
  • We then explore the lower level where Wrester opens a hidden door on the south end of the room below the grate. After opening the door he explains to us that this is where he will receive his reward from Gruumsh as he walks backward down the short tunnel behind the door. After a few steps he steps on a pressure plate on the floor and seems happy as two blades come from the wall to sever him in half vertically. We then throw a torch in the room beyond and see that there are treasure chests there. Berrian teleports into the room to avoid the trap and comes back to the group with the treasure. The items include Pelor’s Exalted Chainmail +1 and Holy Symbol (to Peren), an arcane based amulet which we are unable to identify (to Cain) and 30gp of ritual components along with ritual books of Silence, Tenser’s Floating Disk and Brew Potion.
  • After collecting all the treasure and items we hang the flag to mark the area cleared and climb to the top of the tower to check surroundings and see if we can see signs of the town of Fallcrest since the crates in the storeroom had it’s mark and we assume it is not far away. We’re not able to see the town, but do spot the north-south running river that flows through the middle of it according to the map recovered in a previous battle. We decide to return to Chaylin first to let her know that we’d like to investigate the attack on the church of Pelor and also to get directions to Fallcrest for supplies. On the way back down the path from the tower, we happen to spot a clearing down in the valley with a stone pentagram shaped dais with an altar atop it. While looking, the altar comes to life and sparks with blue light and a large, strong looking orange, horned creature that what we assume is a lesser demon appears and begins digging through piles of items along the edge of the dais before going back through an apparent portal. We shall have to ask Chaylin about this strange creature and the dais/alter in general. We end the session at mid-day on the path overlooking the clearing.

  • << End of session 3 (mid-day) >>



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