Brim O Blackhand


An interesting Town – By Shedinn

An interesting day to be sure. After some adventures we’ve decided to head to Fallcrest, a town not far from the Gnoll valley so we can resupply, and possibly learn about the Church of Pallor that was ransacked. This town turned out to be a lot different than I was expecting.

Coming from a merchant town I’m used to the hustle and bustle of many races conducting commerce, merriment and the occasional scuffle. Walking into Fallcrest was like looking at a painting with just one color. Humans everywhere, and not another race to be seen. The guards gave us a bit of trouble but not too much. The townsfolk were much worse though. The Dwarf and I brought the most looks. People parted like a sea from us as we walked through the town. Originally Grummel and I had planned to do some drinking and see what was up, as we were fully supplied already. As we made our way through the town though we decided it wasn’t worth the stares and apparent fear of these people. I had an idea once alcohol was involved it wouldn’t just be stares, but possible violence too. I didn’t think that killing half the town in self defense would be too useful in our quest, and as Grummel had already headed back to the gates I decided to join him outside waiting for our compatriots.

While we waited we were assaulted by four armed humans, who unfortunately for them, were ill equipped to deal with a drunken dwarf and a pissed off Dragonborn. We quickly subdued them and in the spirit of not causing too big a scene (and possible hanging) did not kill them. Instead we tied them up and drug them to a farmhouse where we hid until the next day waiting for our group to find us again.

At this point I’ll leave be, as this ends the part of my story away from the group.



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