Brim O Blackhand

A look through dragonborn eyes

What is going on here?

Notes from Shedinn

It’s been a crazy past couple days. I’m glad I remembered to bring my small journal with me to jot down the craziness. Once this is done I hope this journal will help me believe all the things that have happened, and I’m sure will happen.

So you want to be an adventurer? Thats what the scrap of parchment said that my brother got ahold of. If it hadn’t been for him I would have never been involved in this mess. I would be leading a caravan right now and defending it from the evils of the world. Now though, I’m stuck with a very rag tag group of people, who’m I’m weary to call adventurers, certainly the kind of people I wouldn’t expect to answer that flyer. A dwarf, halfing, half elf, eledrin, elf and myself, a dragonborn. Who would believe we’d all be traveling together of our own free will without being paid. I have to give respect where respect is due though, In the troubles we’ve faced already everyone has proven capable and useful. We’ve even began applying tactics to some of the battles we’ve had to engage in.

This adventure we’ve engaged in, not necessarily of our own free will is interesting to say the least. Magically transported to some kind of villa, gods know where with a metal dog and a talking fire. I’ll have to ask the others, as they were dealing with these beings for a while before I showed up, what the motives of this Brim O’ Blackhand are. I’m not quite certain. We’ve already met with his minions if you’ll call them that. Wolf people. They’ve tasked us with little missions which are supposed to prove our worth in this beings eyes. Makes me wonder if we’re doing ourselves any favors by helping him. Time will tell.

I’m going to end this journal entry here. Ill Talk to our leader, the eledrin rogue some more and jot down our tasks in better detail and maybe some quick summaries of my traveling companions. Thats an entry for a future time though.



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